1st day in New York City

My Brother Bernie and I spent the first of a few days in New York City wandering around the south end of Manhattan Island.  It was a rainy and quite gloomy day but apparently you get used to that in New York.
We walked down to see Ground Zero, the site of the destroyed twin towers of the World Trade Centre.  The is not a lot to see as it’s predominately all fenced off but there are a number of posters on the fence with details of the tragedy.
We walked down to Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island to see the Statue of Liberty.  Its a lot further off the coast to what I thought.  You can take a boat trip out to the Island it is on but the queues were very long and it was a pretty gloomy day on the water so we chose not to.
We then walked back thru Wall St which was relatively quiet given that its was a Saturday, then north up past City Hall and Union Sq and back to where we are staying on 7th Avenue.
In the evening we caught the Subway up to Times Square to see all the amazing lights and electronic billboards.
It was raining most of the eveing making it cold and uncomfortable walking around and you could feel the predicted snow coming in.
We had dinner at Ray’s Pizza which is apparently quite famous and we shared an 18inch Ray’s Famous Special which was great but stumped us with 2 pieces to go.
See the photos in the Gallery.
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One Response to 1st day in New York City

  1. Kirk says:

    Fitzy, What have I told you about looking after the rental cars…hehehe Nice pics, enjoy your travels, Capt\’n

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