New York Day 2 – 15 Jan 2006

It snowed overnight which made for a freezing day in New York City today.  There was a light snow and ice all over the streets making walking quite challenging.
We tried to get tickets to a Broadway show tonight from the Standby ticket counter in Times Square but when Bernie got to the front of the queue at 12pm it turned out that they were only selling tickets for the Matinee and not for the eveing shows.  We would have to return and queue at 3pm for evening tickets.
We spent most of the day walking thru Central Park negotiating the icy walkways.  Its huge with a small Zoo, 2 Ice Skating Rink, several lakes, lots of monuments and interesting structures and running paths.  See the photos in the Photo Gallery.
We finished the park about 5pm and headed via train to the Empire State Building.  We did a Skyline ride which shows you the skyline from the air and then went up 86 floors to the Observatory.  It was freezing outside at the observatory, with some corners closed off because the winds were so strong they would almost blow you off your feet.  The view from the observatory is spectacular but a little hard to photograph at night with the wind making it impossible to hold the camera still.
We finished the night with BBQ ribs at Virgils at Times Square.
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