Ouch – We found an Outlet Mall – 22 Jan 06

After a late start this morning, Bernie and I spent the morning having a final look around the Canadian town of Niagara Falls and particularly a street called Clifton Hill which is a bit of a "side show alley" with strange "Ripley" style places.  Some interesting pics in the gallery. Bernie even found a Harley to have a sit on. 
We followed the Niagara River a few kms down stream to a place call the Whirlpool which a strange "elbow" in the river.
After that we headed back over the border back to the USA and found a really big Outlet Shopping Mall that our wallets liked way to much.  Some seriously creative packing will be required to get everything home on the plane.
We took a cursory drive thru Buffalo on our way back to Rochester tonight.  We had dinner tonight at the "famous" Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester where they serve rather large portions of ribs.  Bernie finished off a 3/4 rack of ribs without too much effort.
I fly back to Seattle tomorrow (Monday) morning while Bernie finsihes off with a few meetings in Rochester this week before flying home on Thursday.
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