Retirement – I wish it could last forever

Well, its been a while since I added an entry here but I expect to get more active in the future.
It’s now been 3 weeks since I finished up at Microsoft after 11 great years.  I’m starting to like this "retirement" thing except my wife keeps looking at the bank balance and says "you’d better get a job".   Fortunately, I will have some great news to report soon.
We’re heading down the Gold Coast next week for a family holiday.   I keep expecting my 21 year old and 19 year old sons to say "nah, we don’t want to come with you any more … holidays with your parents, yuk", so I asked my 19 year old this week, "Are you looking forward to the holiday?   You still like going on holidays with your parents?" and he replied "Hell yea, you guys pay for everything!"   So I guess if nothing else money can still buy "family togetherness".
I’ve got a lot of little things to do around the house … painting, plumbing etc and I’m trying to get in as much cycling as I can … so I’ll enjoy my last few weeks of temporary "retirement" but I wish it could last forever.
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One Response to Retirement – I wish it could last forever

  1. Teemu says:

    Yo Dude.Gold Cost is so Cool Place. Been there, done that, wana see the scars?  :)Have a great holiday  -> You earned it. 

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