eeePC 1000HD and USB ports

So I have been running Vista on my ASUS eeePC 1000HD (900Mhz Celeron , 2GB mem) for about 4 months now.   I love the machine, it has a few quirks and Vista performance is just acceptable but for mobility its hard to beat.      The eeePC 1000HD has 3 supposededly USB 2.0 ports, one on the left side and 2 on the right side.  It turns out that for some reason the USB port on the left side only behaves as a USB 1.1 port.   I don’t know if its by design or a hardware fault with the machine but I’ve learnt to live with it and I just make sure that I don’t try and connect my USB 2.0 portable harddrives to that port otherwise it takes ages to copy anything.    Wierd.
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