Resetting a Dlink DI-624+ Wireless Router to factory settings

My brother has a Dlink DI-624+ Wireless Router in his house. He had forgotten his wireless WEP key so when he wanted to add a new laptop to his network he couldn’t.   No problem, just jump on to the Router admin screen and grab the key …. oops someone has changed the default admin password for the router and yep, my brother hadn’t recorded it anywhere.  No problems, we’ll reset the router back to factory settings and set a new WEP key.   OK, so how do you reset the router?   Easy, there’s a reset button right next to the power connector (it’s recessed so you need a paperclip or thin screwdriver to press the reset button).        Manual says that you need to hold it in for 10 secs … nope that didn’t work … it restarted the router but didn’t reset the settings … lets try 15 secs … nope no good.  Ok a quick google of the internet and yep a few other people having the same issue … looks like you have to hold it in for over 20 secs …. lets try 30 secs … bingo … all reset to factory settings, default user is admin with no password.
Create a new WEP key, update all the laptops with the new key and we’re good to go.
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