SSL Certificate Errors when syncing windows mobile phone

So for at least a year I have been able to sync my Kjam Windows Mobile 5 phone with my employers Exchange email server.
With some recent upgrades and a new SSL certificate the sync started failing.   It turns out that they are now using "wildcard" certificates which Windows Mobile 5 does not support.   Bummer.   It turns out that I am the last user of Windows Mobile 5 in the company, everyone else has gone to Windows Mobile 6 or alternative.
Fixing the problem for me was going to cause other problems for other users so I guess its time to upgrade … I needed a catalyst … but in the mean time I did some research and identified that there is a registry setting you can set on a Windows Mobile device that reduces the level of SSL certificate checking that the phone does and actually lets it sync again.
Of course the challenge is that there is no registry editor on the phone itself so you need to connect it to your PC and edit the registry with a tool while it is connected.  Once you have the wm regedit tool, you can add a key and you’re good to go.
Two links that helped me out were:
These links told me where to get a Windows Mobile 5 registry editor from, and what registry key to add to change the SSL cert checking.
All working good now …. but I’d still better get on an order that new phone.
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