Windows 7 not advertising ActiveSync via Bluetooth – Fixed

So I’m happily running Windows 7 on my Asus 1000HE eeePC.   I first installed the Win 7 Release Candidate (RC) a few months ago and in order to connect to my Kjam Windows Mobile phone I installed the Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) ver 6.1 (WMDC is the Vista/Win7 version of ActiveSync which you can download from, and I was able to sync my mobile phone with my eeePC just fine.
I don’t sync with my PC all that often (I usually sync mail etc over the air) but when I tried to sync last week it failed.  Bummer.
I got a message saying I couldn’t sync with the PC.  First thought was that the Bluetooth Pairing was bad so I deleted and recreated the Bluetooth partnership.  Still no joy.
Closer reading of the message (an no I wasn’t smart enough to write it down … I was on holidays) suggested that the PC wasn’t "advertising" the ActiveSync service.
I can’t say I know a whole lot about advertising Bluetooth services but I went checking for what I thought should be running as a service, and I checked that the WMDC software was installed and it was.
I did a bit of an Internet search and got the hint that WMDC was responsible for advertising the ActiveSync service via Bluetooth.   Then I also remembered that I had done an inplace upgrade from Windows 7 RC to RTM about a month ago so maybe WMDC that was originally installed under RC might be "corrupt" so I redownloaded WMDC 6.1 from and reinstalled it and bingo ActiveSync was now being advertised via Bluetooth.
All good now … only took me about 6 hours to diagnose that one.
Takeaway:   If WMDC/Activesync is not working properly under Windows 7, try a reinstall.
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