Solving the squeaky bed problem

I had a win last weekend.
About a month ago I bought my 15 year old son a new King Single timber bed.   Its a really nice bed made from Tasmanian Oak with Pine slats.  Unfortunately the bed squeaked every time my son rolled over in bed.   When the house was quiet at night the noise from the bed was loud enough to wake me up in the next room.
The noise seemed to be coming from the slats rubbing against the Tas Oak sideboards.
First I tried screwing down the slats but no improvement, in fact it made some slats worse.
Then I tried sanding the slats to give them more movement within the slot in the sideboard but still no good.
Then I contacted the shop where we bought the bed and they suggested changing the slats so I took them back to the shop.  In the end they just resanded the original slats a bit more agressively than I could and replaced a couple of slats that seemed to have a slight twist in them.  I put the slats back in the bed but still no good.  It still squeaked like crazy.
Finally in desperation I took the slats out and gave them a coating of Estapol Clear Gloss.    I let them dry and then sanded them lightly to get rid of the "furry bits" that the first coat can cause.  Then I replaced them in the bed and bingo – no squeak.
So coating the pine slats with a clear Estapol stopped the squeak from any rubbing between the pine slats and the Tas Oak sideboards.  I didn’t even have to rescrew the slats to the sideboard. 
I assembled and reassembled the bed 4 times but the result was worth it.
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