Lexmark Printer “right cartridge incorrect”

Well you learn something new every day …
I have never used a Photo cartridge in a printer before, the normal colour cartridges have been enough for my purposes in the past but I came across a Photo Cartridge (number 31) for my Lexmark X5470 printer at the right price so I though I’d give it a try.
In my mistaken understanding, I had always thought that Photo catridges were a replacement for the normal colour cartridge in the printer.   Well it turns out that they’re not … they actually replace the Black Ink cartridge.
If you replace the colour cartridge on the right side of the printhead with a photo cartridge the printer shows the message "right cartridge incorrect" on the LCD screen.   In hind sight the message is kind of telling you the problem but I spent over an hour researching if the Photo cartridge number 31 was actually a valid cartridge for a Lexmark X5470 printer thinking firstly that the problem was one of compatibility.   I found heaps of people experiencing similar "right cartridge incorrect" errors but no answers.  Then I went looking for some doco on how to install a Photo cartridge looking for written evidence of which side, left or right, that a photo cartridge is installed and nothing in the user guides, nothing on the cartridge box etc.  It seems that this is just assumed knowledge!
After that I took a punt and replaced the black ink cartridge with the photo cartridge and bingo … it works!    There is actually a small diagram on the cartridge with coloured circles on it which if you look closely you will find a matching diagram on the left side of the printhead so the answer was there all along I just didn’t know how to read the diagram.
Like I said you learn something new everyday and that only took me 3 hours to learn.
And after all that, the photos of my sister-in-law’s new house in America didn’t look all that different with or without the photo cartridge.
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