Windows Media Center stopped working

For the last few months Windows Media Center had stoped working on my son’s Dell laptop running Vista.   He used to use it to watch a bit of TV but then it stopped working.  He’s had a swag of Uni work and exams for the last few months so it wasn’t critical that it got fixed but now that Uni has finished it seem reasonable to take a crack at fixing it.
Whenever you tried to start Media Center it would seem to hang and eventually you would get the message "Windows Media Center stopped working".  This was coupled with an error message "Digital Cable device application registration has stopped working" and a spate of application crash events in the Application event log for the evprivjob.exe program.
A hour or two of research revealed that this is a DRM issue.   A while back my son’s original laptop died so I took the hard drive out and put it into a another Dell laptop that I had..  It turns out that DRM doesn’t think its the same machine so it pukes … it would be nice if it simply detected the change and gave you a meaningful error message rather than crashing Media Center with little or no useful information.
Soluton to the problem is to delete everything in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM folder and reboot and presto Media Center works again.
A couple of links that proved useful are:
Another multi-hour learning experience ….
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