Remotely Connecting to the physical console on a WS2008 machine

I occasionally have a need to connect to my home Hyper-V server from work.    I usually stay logged on to the console of the home server and I want to connect to that logged on session.
There have been a number of changes to remote desktop in Windows Server 2008 and console and these are well documented (here is one such piece of info so I’m not going to cover any of this, but I was having a problem connecting to the currently logged on console session because no matter what command I used (e.g. mstsc /v:server /admin) and I was supplying the same credentials as the currentrly logged on console session it just kept giving me a new session.
Now it used to work a few months ago, so I had to retrace in my mind what changes if any I might had made to affect this.   And it turns out that I did make one change, I had gone into the Terminal Server Configuration utility and changed it so that I the same user could log on to multiple sessions to do some other testing.  I changed this back so that a user can only have one rdp session and bingo .. all working again … I can log onto the console session.
Easy to get caught.
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