Need an excuse to hate phone companies?

Not too many people need any more excuses to hate phone companies but I just found 90 more.
I needed to change the ownership of my mobile from my employer’s business plan back into my name.   My employer’s corporate phone plan is with Optus and I just wanted to change it into my name still with Optus.
So after 2 calls to the Optus support number and 2 visits to Optus Stores to make sure that I have all the requisite paperwork, I finally found a guy, Andrew, in the Queen St Brisbane Optus Store willing to go thru the pain of the process with me.
Andrew explained that Optus have 2 systems that Corporate Business Plans are contained in and that the store staff only have access to one of the systems, so first he looked up my employer’s details and Yes, it was listed in the system that store staff have access to.
Simple, he can do everything for me …. and it should only take about 20 mins …. should only take about 20 mins ….. should only take about 20 mins …
"That’s funny, I can access the account and see your number there but when I try to process the Change of Ownership it tells me it can’t be changed, let me give them a call"  says Andrew.  That’s when the fun started …
So Andrew rang the Indians … the Optus Support Desk … it appears that Store staff don’t get any better service than the general public ..
In short it took Andrew, with me sitting patiently beside him, 90 minutes to talk the Indians thru what was required.   He had to repeat or re-explain what was required about 3 times for every step.   They initially spelt my surname wrong despite Andrew spelling it for them multiple times.
I am an Optus Home (landline) and Broadband customer and Andrew tried to offer this as a proof of identification and even get this mobile number added to the same account …. noooo way too hard …. "we’ll have to set you up a new account"   …. and go through the identification verification again etc …
So after 90 minutes of patient behaviour hoping Andrew wouldn’t get too frustrated and throw the phone after being put on hold to the most aweful music about 6 times he finally declared that it was done and should all take effect with in 24 hours.   We’ll see ….
That’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back and I’m pretty sure that it was 90 minutes of the most frustrating and unproductive time that Andrew has spent.  It least Andrew was very professional about it even though he lost 90 minutes when he could have been servicing other customers that he probably makes money from.
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