Things you learn about Windows XP Home

I haven’t worked too much with Windows XP Home edition.  I’ve been more involved with Windows XP Professional, but I have recently needed to do some repair work on a friend’s computer running XP Home so there were a few things I didn’t know.

1) In XP Home there is no Securty Tab in the File or Directory Properties dialog box.  XP Home uses a concept of Simple File Sharing which hides the Security Tab.  In XP Professional there is a check box to turn off Simple File Sharing if it is on (usually only in workgroup mode) but in XP Home there is no check box available.   But there is a answer which involves downloading the XP Security Configuration Manager.
A search on the web will reveal a number of posts covering this solution and here is one of the first and useful posts that I found:

There is another method to get around the Simple File Sharing and that is to use Safe Mode but I haven’t played with this.

2) In XP Home there is no Local Users and Groups available in Computer Management mmc.  User account management is "simplified" in XP Home and if you run up a separate mmc console and try and add in the Local Users and Groups snapin XP Home will pop up message that it is not supported on this version.  Again there is a handy workaround … instead of choosing the local machine as the target of the snapin choose "Another Computer" and use an ip address of
There is a good write up of the solution here

The things you learn …

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