Samsung Galaxy S – How do I change my password in the Facebook S! application?

I saw a few scary things about Facebook password compromises so I thought I’d change my Facebook password.  Easy done on the web on a PC.

So after I changed it, the Facebook S! application on my Samsung Galaxy S no longer worked.  So now I also need to change the password in this application.  But how? 

There doesn’t seem to be any option to relogin on the menu pop up screen when you press the menu button at the botton left.   Android apps are still a bit young.

A bit of digging around on Google and I found some suggestions that you need to clear the cache for the application.  You do this by going to Settings | Applications | Manage Applications and push on the Facebook S! application in the list.

On the next screen there is a section that says cache and a “Clear Cache” button below that.  So I cleared the cache but nothing happened straight away.   After about 15 mins while I was wondering what to do next I got a notification message that relogin was required.   So I relogged in and all good.   “It won’t happen straight away, but it will happen”.

Also, if you change your Facebook password you also need to change the password in the Samsung Social Hub so that you see Facebook that way too, and if you sync your contacts with Facebook then check that that still works too. 

The fun of Android apps.

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