Powershell – AuthorizationManager check failed

I have only hit this on one Windows 2003 server – never seemed to be a problem on my other servers that are predominately Window Server 2008 & R2.

When I open Powershell V2 on the Ws2003 server I was getting “AuthorizationManager check failed.”

It turns out the problem was because the .ps1 file pointed to by my $profile existed but was empty.

Initially, your $profile file (..\WindowsPowershell\Microsoft.Powershell_profile.ps1) does not exist so Powershell is happy.

As soon as you create your $profile file which I do by using the following command:

    new-item -path $profile -itemtype file –force

which creates an empty Microsoft.Powershell_profile.ps1 file I get the problem.

If you then attempt to execute your $profile file using “.$profile”, or if you exit and restart Powershell which attempts to run your new $profile file then you will get the “AuthorizationManager check failed.” message.

Adding at least one command to Microsoft.Powershell_profile.ps1 will fix the problem.

That only took me about 4 hours to solve.

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2 Responses to Powershell – AuthorizationManager check failed

  1. Doug says:

    Thanks! Been having this problem for a long time.

    I added a single # to the file and the error went away

  2. kiquenet says:

    any full source code ps1 sample ?

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