Screenshoting Application/Outlook 2010 drop down menus

Often to demonstate an issue or to document how to do something I need to take screenshot of some drop down menus of an application such as Outlook 2010.  On a Windows system, the PrtScrn key lets you take a screen shot of the full sceeen or Alt-PrtScrn lets you take a screenshot of just the open application or dialog.

If you use PrtScrn to capture the full screen then you generally need to use an additional application to crop the bit you want.  Alt-PrtScrn takes only the open application but the challenge here when attempting to take a screenshot of drop down menus in applications such as Outlook 2010 is that as soon as you press the Alt key the drop down menus vanish.

There are 3rd party applications that can do what you want but if you have Windows 7, then the new Sniping Tool is your White Knight.

Thanks to Jan Berinstein for bloging about this at

and the Snipping Tool: frequently asked questions

The steps you need are:

  1. Open Snipping Tool by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Snipping Tool.
  2. Press Esc which takes you back to your original application, and then open the menus that you want to capture.
  3. Press CTRL+PrtScrn (which brings up the Sniping Tool again)
  4. Select the type of snip you want, and then capture the menu.

Job done … users are now informed and happy …

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