How to end a Telnet session

Telnet is a very handy network diagnosis tool particularly for testing if a remote server is listening on particluar port.

A few things I have learnt.  Firstly, Telnet is not installed out of the box on Windows Server 2008 R2.  You need to add it as a feature using Server Manager.  No reboot required, just add it and you can call it under a command prompt.

The other trick is that once you connect to a remote server on a port, the service/application that you are connecting to won’t always recognise telnet commands.  If a service recognises telnet commands then you can generally use “quit” to exit/terminate the telnet session but if the service does not recognise telnet commands then it will just consume everything you type with no response. 

You could just close the command prompt to end the telnet session but then if you need to continue testing you have to reopen another command prompt which gets tedious after a while.  But the good news is with Telnet (for windows) you can type “Ctrl ]” (that’s the Ctrl key plus the right square bracket) to get to a command line for the local telnet client.  Now you can type “quit” and close the telnet session without having to close the command prompt window.

I found this good advice here:

Makes life easy for me …


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