0x80040ca0 error attempting to install OneDrive (Skydrive) on Windows 7 64bit

This error has driven me crazy for weeks and has cost me about 12 hours in diagnostic effort.


When trying to install the OneDrive (formerly Skydrive) desktop client in a Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit machine I was getting a 0x80040ca0.

The following article offers advice that it is caused by a registry permissions issue and offers a process to fix the permissions issue but on its own it did not fix the problem.


After making the registry permission changes suggested in the article above it still wouldn’t work.

Running the install when logged in as local admin seemed to work ok but when I then re-logged on as a normal user I still had to rerun the install program for that user to get access to the client and again it failed.

I tried adding the normal user to the local admins group and even turning off UAC but to no avail.

At one point after attempting the OneDrive client install and it failing I wasn’t even able to open the OneDrive documents through the web interface.  Thankfully a reboot seemed to fix this.

Finally after noticing that the OneDriveSetup.exe is a 32bit program and I was trying to install on a 64bit version of Windows 7 is looked at the compatibility settings of the OneDriveSetup.exe  and set it to Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode and finally it worked.


I suspect that the complete solution is a combination of the registry permission settings and the .exe compatibility setting but this has cost me over 12 hours of diagnostic effort and I’m not going to spend any more time on it trying to find out the exact cause.

I’m stunned that Microsoft can build lots of other 32bit programs that work fine on a 64bit OS but not this one.  They don’t even seem to have a 64bit version of OneDrive.

Hopefully this will help other people hitting the same problem.

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27 Responses to 0x80040ca0 error attempting to install OneDrive (Skydrive) on Windows 7 64bit

  1. bg says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to get OneDrive (Skydrive) downloaded for 4 months!

  2. Glenn Dewar says:

    God Bless You!!!!

    I’ve been trying to figure this out for months. Thank you so much for your help, Microsoft was no use whatsoever.

  3. Sharelle says:

    This does not help me because when I open onedrive properties, compatibility is not one of the options.

  4. Sharelle says:

    This does not help me because when I open onedrive properties, compatibility is not one of the options

  5. Wayne says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Was going insane trying to install this program. Microsoft solutions were too complicated. I found the program installed just fine in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) compatibility. Thank you for sparing me many more hours of frustration.

  6. mary nash-pyott says:

    The compatibility solution was all i needed to install on my win7/64. Took all of fifteen seconds! If you had a tip-jar, i’d give you my firstborn son! Thank you!

  7. Prateek says:

    Thanks a ton- after trying for weeks to setup onedrive on a 64 bit machine & failing, I got the solution from here. Thanks, excellent diagnostic work.

  8. Jessica says:

    Call me computer illiterate, but I cannot seem to determine how to get the OneDriveSetup.exe so that I may set it to Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode

    • Jessica says:

      I’m so silly. Only took another minute after I posted to realize I had to save, rather than run. I right clicked on it and it gave me the option to detect compatibility and detected and corrected the issue.
      Thank you for your time.

  9. dwmsr42 says:

    This did not solve my problem of installing Onedrive on my Windows 7 computer.

  10. noghere says:

    For me the goal was the security permission to


    I added my user name full permission in the registry key and all worked fine. Onedrive installed fine with the recent update version 17.3.4724.0224.
    I think the issue was the automatic Onedrive update…
    If you try to install it via XP compabillity, you install the older version 17.3.1229.0918 and get a Kernel address error, even if the program works. You also get two Onedrive folders. one for the new and one for the old version.
    For me, I repeat, the solution for a clean install was the my user name full permission in the registry key CLSID.

  11. Brandi Mils says:

    Thanks so much for posting. Have been trying over and over and nothing I read was helping (didn’t even understand some of what was posted for a fix!). Did this (just the compatibility step) and bam! it suddenly worked!

  12. Minh Tran says:

    Thank you so much! This solved my problem with installing OneDrive.

  13. Angela Wilcox says:

    Thanks so much – this alone solved my issue on a Windows 7 Home edition. I imagine some people who have said it did not help, did things like switch the compatibility mode to Windows 7 instead of using XP SP3 as directed. Just a guess… THANKS AGAIN for posting!

  14. TreyV says:

    I just changed the compatibility properties, works fine now. Thanks

  15. AbsoultelyFreeWeb says:

    A big thank you. My problem was two or three fold. First it wouldnt synchronize, I started the icon, and it updated the onedrive client. After update it would crash at sync. so I uninstalled it then and tried ti reinstall. it wouldnt install saying a newer version was installed (but I had uninstalled that version through control panel) so I had to search registry and delete the onedrive folder in registry. next it gave me this error. the error was saying check answers.microsoft.com but I figured googling it probably would find me better answers. and here I am, now it worked. I re-installed the thing, then it needed an update again. even the update failed with this error. so I had to save the update file. change the compability on that too, and then run it. finally it is synchronizing.

  16. Lisa says:

    AMAZING. I usually spend so much time t-shooting issues like this. You saved me many hours and days of labor, aggravation, and headache, that I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I was headed for. Thank-you so much. After 1 single error, I found this page. Made the change and next attempt worked flawlessly. Properties for updates have to be changed also.

  17. James says:

    Let me add to chorus of thanks. Your blog came up as soon as I tried to install. Pretty lame on Microsoft’s part. Says it can’t be run on xp but then you need xp3 compatability mode to install. Who would have figured? Oh well. Very much appreciated. (You think MS would have fixed this by now as of 10/2015.)

  18. VB says:

    Thank you!!!!!! Been struggling with this error for so many days!

  19. Matt says:

    Yep. Incredible advice! It worked for me too.

  20. Ray Gay says:

    Thank you also. I thought it was a problem with concurrent OneDrive for Business installed with my O365, but the compatibility check did the trick. Now I have both working.

  21. Problem:
    Same error on Win Vista 32. It has been running but stopped working about a month ago. Reinstall attempts all failed with the 0x80040ca0 error.
    Finding lots of failed setup folders under myname/AppData/Local/Microsoft/OneDrive/ I chose the latest one and selected properties for OneDriveSetup.exe Under the Compatibility tab. I selected [x]Run As XP SP2 AND (important, even though I am logged in as Administrator) [x]RunAsAdministrator and then Apply, Ok. Running that exe then finally installs OneDrive again.

  22. DPORTE says:

    Well down!

  23. Jörn says:

    Thanks so much!
    For me (Windows7, Home-Premium, SP1, 32bit), the following steps worked:
    – give total access to the Registry-Key for my Windows-Normal-User
    – set the Compatibility-Options of the “OneDriveSetup.exe” to “Windows7”

  24. Richard says:

    OULA je ne sais pas faire ca !!! vais devoir abandonner snifff mais merci !!!

  25. mathias says:

    Hi! Good day to y’all,
    I was having the same issue, but I resolved checking the box:
    -Run this program as an administrator

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