CSV Files display incorrectly in Excel 2013

Here’s one that caught me …. opening a CSV file in Excel 2013 all the comma separated fields were crammed in column 1 instead of being separated into columns as if the separator was not being recognised … the same file opened correctly in Excel 2016 on another machine.

So what gives?  It must be a setting in Excel 2013 … but where?  There was nothing obvious in the Options.

Well it turns out I’m not the only person to hit this issue … and I found the answer in this link:


The issue as it turns out is in the Regional Settings of the computer itself not in Excel 2013.  I actually have the computer with the issue set to the Italian Language because I’m currently learning Italian but European languages use different separators to English which appears to affect how the computer and applications interpret CSV files.

So changing the decimal separator (Separatore decimale) to a decimal point and list separator (Separatore di elenco) to a comma in the regional settings in the computer’s Control Panel fixes the problem.


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