Can’t see Cursor in Windows Azure Powershell Window

Lots of people seem to be having this issue, from a far back as 2012 to even now in Jan 2015.

You can install the Windows Azure Powershell Command Line tools but when you open the Azure Powershell command window there is no blinking cursor to tell you where you are typing.  If you want to correct or modify a previous command there is no indication of where your cursor is so you can’t easily modify the command.

Fortunately this is easily fixed by entering the following command in the Powershell window:


which then presents a small blinking cursor.

You will have to do this command every time you open or re-open the Azure Powershell window, so it could be best to add this command into your Powershell profile script.  To edit your Powershell profile script type:

Notepad $profile

Add the [Console] line above and save and close your profile script.

If you don’t already have a Profile script then Notepad will prompt you to create one.

This could be a machine or OS specific issue as it happens to me on my Windows 7 machine but not on my Windows 2012 R2 server.

Many people have blogged this answer so thanks to you all.  Too many to give everyone credit but an early blog that I found was:

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Hyper-V New-VM and Remove-VM Powershell cmdlets require Administrator privileges

If you want to script the creation of a new VM in Windows 2012 Hyper-V (and possibly Azure) using the New-VM cmdlet you have to run a Powershell session with elevated privileges (Run as Administrator) in order for the command to work even if you are already a member of the local admins group.

Running the command in a normal session will present you with the nice red error:

“You do not have permission to perform the operation or the Virtual machine Management Service is not running on the target computer or installation has been corrupted”


Perhaps more intriguing is the error you get when you try and run the Remove-VM command without Administrator privileges:

“The parameter is not valid.  Hyper-V was unable to find a virtual machine with name ……..”


It’s not that any parameter is invalid, it’s just that without Admin privileges the command can’t find the VMs.  

Annoyingly the Technet article about the New-VM command at :

makes no mention of needing elevated privileges to perform these commands.

It’s a fairly obvious thing to try when you see errors like this but you can still waste a chunk of time making sure that that is the real problem.

A chunk of time I’ll never get back but hopefully this will save someone else some time.

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0x80040ca0 error attempting to install OneDrive (Skydrive) on Windows 7 64bit

This error has driven me crazy for weeks and has cost me about 12 hours in diagnostic effort.


When trying to install the OneDrive (formerly Skydrive) desktop client in a Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit machine I was getting a 0x80040ca0.

The following article offers advice that it is caused by a registry permissions issue and offers a process to fix the permissions issue but on its own it did not fix the problem.

After making the registry permission changes suggested in the article above it still wouldn’t work.

Running the install when logged in as local admin seemed to work ok but when I then re-logged on as a normal user I still had to rerun the install program for that user to get access to the client and again it failed.

I tried adding the normal user to the local admins group and even turning off UAC but to no avail.

At one point after attempting the OneDrive client install and it failing I wasn’t even able to open the OneDrive documents through the web interface.  Thankfully a reboot seemed to fix this.

Finally after noticing that the OneDriveSetup.exe is a 32bit program and I was trying to install on a 64bit version of Windows 7 is looked at the compatibility settings of the OneDriveSetup.exe  and set it to Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode and finally it worked.


I suspect that the complete solution is a combination of the registry permission settings and the .exe compatibility setting but this has cost me over 12 hours of diagnostic effort and I’m not going to spend any more time on it trying to find out the exact cause.

I’m stunned that Microsoft can build lots of other 32bit programs that work fine on a 64bit OS but not this one.  They don’t even seem to have a 64bit version of OneDrive.

Hopefully this will help other people hitting the same problem.

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Visio objects won’t move

I got hit by this one tonight …. 

I tonight opened a multi diagram Visio file I have been working on for a few months and strangely I couldn’t get any of the shapes to move.  I could resize them and edit text but the shapes would not move … it was like they were glued in place.

I can’t explain it but a machine reboot fixed the problem.  Visio version is 2010.

A few other people have had the same issue … with pretty much the same resolution ..

This might help a few others 

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Initialising or creating an empty array in Powershell

I regularly forget to do this or forget how to do this in my Powershell scripts but its very easy.

$array1 = @()     # create or initialise array

will do it for you.

If you don’t reinitialise when looping and you use the “add to array” construct

$array1 += $something    # add/append to array

then you can end up with a bigger array than you expect.

Plenty of useful guidance from other Powershell’ers on the Net including

Thanks to others …

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Aldi Bauhn 8” Android Tablet – Google Play Services Issue

So the Bauhn 8” Android tablet that Aldi had on sale on the 21st of August (2013) for $169 has a problem with Google Play Services out of the box.

When you install and try and run some Google applications that rely on Google Play Services (e.g. Google Keep)  you will get the following error when you try and run the application.


The applications appear to install fine it only when you try and run them that they fail.

Google Play services are installed on the tablet out of the box so typically you would try and reinstall or update the version of Google Play services to address this issue but there are still a few challenges ahead.

Firstly, Google Play services can’t seem to be found in the Google Play store so you have to search for it in the browser …


Next try and install it from the browser.


Looks promising, it recognises that Google Play services is already installed and offers to update it, so click UPDATE and you get:


“Package file was not signed correctly …”

So it appears we have a mis-functioning  version of Google Play Services on the tablet and this causes other Google applications that rely on Google Play Services e.g. Google Keep, YouTube Player etc to fail.

The good news is that Tempo Australia ( who are the importers/supporters of these Bauhn Tablets have released an updated firmware that appears to fix all these issues.  See here to find out about this update:

My next step is to install this update …

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Aldi Bauhn 8” Android Tablet – Issues and Review

So I wangled the Bauhn 8” Android tablet that Aldi had on sale on the 21st of August (2013) for $169 as an early Father’s Day present.

Full specs are here :

but in short it’s an 8” WiFi and 3G Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) tablet that has pretty much everything you expect in a tablet these days including WiFi, Phone, GPS, Front and Rear Cameras, etc

Out of the box the tablet has issues and searching the web you will find people complaining about it and taking it back within Aldi’s 60 day refund period, but I’m basically quite happy with it. I love the size and I find the screen more than adequate for my needs.

My expectations and needs might not be as high as others, I basically wanted it for convenient web browsing for the news and other info and reading ebooks on a slightly bigger screen than my 4” Sansung phone.   Extensive YouTube watching and music/audiovisual activities are not my core requirements, I have other devices for that.

The 3G is a bonus that I don’t expect to have to use very often because I will normally tether to my phone’s WiFi hotspot when I need to because I have a better data plan on my phone, but at $169 this tablet is about 50% the price of other similar featured tablets with 3G.  There is a range of other Android tablets on the market in a similar price range but they all appear to be WiFi only.  Perhaps one downside of this tablet is that the 3G only supports the 850/2100 MHz ranges which are Telstra’s frequencies (and Aldi resell a Telstra-based pre-paid service).  Optus uses 900/2100MHz so this tablet will work fine on Optus at 2100MHz but this is mainly in metro areas.  If you go too far outside the metro areas and are using Optus (or Virgin, Amaysim, Dodo etc)  as a carrier then you might not get 3G reception using the inbuilt 3G capabilities, but if you are tethering to a phone that supports Optus’s 900Mhz then you should be good.

There is a growing discussion thread about this tablet up on Whirlpool at

and it is well worth reading .

The major out of the box issue appears to be with a mis-functioning  version of Google Play Services on the tablet and this causes other Google applications that rely on Google Play Services e.g. Google Keep, YouTube Player etc to fail.  I will highlight the errors in a future blog post but the good news is that they are apparently fixed by a firmware update.

Tempo Australia ( who are the importers/supporters of these Bauhn Tablets have released an updated firmware that appears to fix all these issues.  See here to find out about this update:

If you have kept your Aldi Tablet, enjoy.

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